South Korea Will Soon Have Mega-Fast Internet

Lenovo thinkpad

Everyone’s talking about South Korea’s upcoming internet speeds: the country’s largest ISP, SK Broadband, has announced its plans to introduce a 10gbps service- let’s say that again: that’s ten gigabits per second. Put another way: a full-length HD-quality movie at that speed will download in just seven seconds.

Keep in mind that Korea already has one of the fastest internet speeds in the world, averaging 25mbps (or double that of America). But this will blow everyone out of the water.

South Korea has had quite a stormy time these last few years. The Sewol Ferry disaster is still causing headaches for the government, compounded by fresh news coverage of thousands of Korean tourists who abuse women in other countries, such as Vietnam and the Philippines, where reports of Korean comfort women, left abandoned and pregnant, are growing every day.

Certainly, it is in the field of technology that Korea is progressing best; the success of companies such as Samsung and LG, as well as South Korea’s forward strides in things like robot development.


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Laptops as Entertainment Centers

If one is prone to traveling long distances, spending nights in motels and hotels and log cabins, it is almost essential to bring a laptop, lest an entertainment contingency plan be necessary. Some places are just downright boring, with nothing going on and no tourist attractions to visit and take selfies in front of. It is for these locations a laptop will come in extra handy, providing that entertainment you may very well be desperately seeking as you wait to hit out on the road again once more.

Online Entertainment Avenues

There are a number of options you can go with. The amount of entertainment readily available on the world wide web is enough for most to spend (or waste) hours of time, from information centric sites like Wikipedia to comedy sides like Cracked and to artist communities where people share their own creations. Sites like Newgrounds allow users to upload their own flash animations, many of which have gone viral over the years. Soundcloud allows musicians to upload their music and to listen to others music. But some times, the WIFI internet connection might cut out. You try unplugging the device and plugging it back in, but still no blinking green light – it’s stuck on yellow. Then what are you to do?


Laptops these days have as much power and flexibility as their desktop counterparts. Companies like Alienware manufacture gaming specific laptops, complete with super cool, lit-up keyboard with customizable color screens, to meet the sometimes intense system requirements to properly run modern games at full capacity and quality. Steam is a great resource for games, as well. With weekly sales (and these sales are substantial – 50% – 90% off during the summer!)

Steam allows you to sign into your account from up to a certain amount of devices (you’ll need all kinds of info to ‘unlock’ other devices). The Steam browser will have your entire library of purchased games, so it’s extremely easy to install and uninstall games. I personally boast a pretty healthy Steam collection, with titles such as Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Pixels, the Doom collection (classics!), Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide, Goat Simulator, the horrifying Outlast, and numerous other great titles.

As an avid gamer, it’s imperative you check out ModDb and similar communities. These sites exist to house user made content for games. Some go as far as remapping an entire world, full new stories, tons of new missions…it varies game to game. In any case, Skyrim Super Mario crossover. You needn’t know more!
Movies / TV Shows

Watching movies and TV shows while on the road might be the final thread holding together your insanity from the clutches of boredom. Netflix is what should immediately spring to mind. Having a sleeve of DVDs is also another good practice to go with. Netflix oftentimes hordes some titles, so it’s best to use sites like Instant Watcher to check out ALL movies currently streaming through the service. With a new season of Trailer Park Boys freshly uploaded, I’ll doubt you finding need to seek other entertainment for at least a little while.

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Most Common Internet Fraud and Scams that Target Travelers

Sensible travelers would know that fraud and scams are probably waiting for them out there in their place of destination. That is one continuing risk of traveling although it can be avoided. Not many however realize that they can be scammed right in their own homes even before they board a plane. They can lose money by giving their money “voluntarily” without scammers breaking a sweat.

Daniel Perlman, a highly experienced criminal defense attorney can attest to the realities of Internet crimes, having had handled a good number of them. They are happening and it can happen to unsuspecting travelers. Check out these most common Internet fraud and scams that target travelers.

Property Owner Posers

Travelers will always be on the lookout for the best accommodation deals. Who wouldn’t want the chance to be billeted in style for an unbelievably low price? There’s the catch right there – the unbelievably low price. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. A number of tech-savvy and experienced travelers have been tricked into paying to people who do not have the authority to represent a rental vacation home. They usually get the contact details from legitimate listing sites or through websites posing as the real one. These travelers will learn soon enough that the money they sent through bank transfer to an account given to them will go straight to the pockets of property owner posers.

Non-Existent Facilities

Many travelers have been gypped into making deposits or paying in full for vacation or accommodation facilities that do not exist. Scammers will also make use fake websites, using images and specifications grabbed from legitimate facilities. What could be worse than finding one’s self in a foreign land without ready accommodation that is supposed to have been paid for? It really pays to check the sites we deal with. Looking through reviews or asking around from other travelers might just give the timely information that no such place exists.

False Advertisers

This kind of fraud makes use of a real place and real owners or brokers. The thing is, some do tend to misrepresent what they are offering. They would find the perfect euphemisms to hide the real state of the place they are offering. So instead of saying that “it is very difficult to reach the place”, they will be using words like ” affords weary travelers the utmost privacy desired”. After all, both descriptions can refer to how far the place is from major routes. And we haven’t started about the facilities yet.

So travelers beware!

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Where to Look for the Best Travel Laptop?

When one has a blog, every effort should be exerted to bring it to a higher level in terms or quality and reach. Blog owners would not leave any stone unturned to make their blogs work. Thus a tech blog finds its way in a reputable technology blog directory, a food blogger becomes a member of a respected related community, or a fashion blog gets a suitable makeover to fit the image. Whatever niche bloggers choose to focus on, there will be a need to have a dependable equipment to work with especially on a mobile environment. A laptop has become as important as a change of clothes while traveling to ensure continuous documenting and posting while on travel.

What to Look For in a Travel Laptop

Before you start thinking of where to look for the best travel laptop, you need to consider certain factors that will make it an ideal travel companion. You should be thinking about the size and weight, the price, battery life, certain specifications, and of course, the risks. The ideal travel laptop is something that addresses all these.

It is very easy to understand why a traveling blogger should be thinking about size and weight. Heavy and bulky laptops are obviously burdensome when going from one place to another. Battery life is a crucial issue because you’ll never know when you’ll end up in a place with no recharging or replacement options. Depending on what type of work a blogger needs to accomplish while on travel, there may be certain laptop specifications that may be required. The price and the risk involved are important factors to consider as well since there is higher possibility of loss and theft while on travel.

Where Do You Find the Best Travel Laptop?

Finding the best travel laptop is subjective since what works efficiently for one setting may not function as such in another. It would be best therefore to look for recommendations from actual users who have worked in the same environment as you expect to do in your travel. Determine the bulk of your expected work. Will you be traveling to a luxurious resort in the Pacific Islands or will you be going to a relatively unexplored rainforest in Africa? These can be two extreme situations in terms of considering laptop durability and connectivity.

Do not just rely on marketing information as provided by manufacturers. After going through them and reducing your choices to those which appeal to you, help yourself find the best travel laptop for your use by researching on reviews and personal accounts generously provided by many laptop users. You might hit a few misses along the way but experience will definitely teach you to choose better.


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Best Laptops for Businessmen on the Go

While tablets are the best friends of youngsters today, the laptop is still the most reliable for business people constantly on the move. The device, being the portable version of the desktop computer, is capable of performing both light and heavy tasks even when a business professional is traveling to other places.

But with the numerous brands and models of laptops on the market these days, it can be a real challenge to choose the best one that fits your lifestyle and budget. Experts recommend a laptop with 13-inch or 14-inch display and one that weighs less than five pounds. This type of device is easy to bring along wherever you may be heading to and still powerful to accomplish your business tasks while in a remote location.

Lenovo ThinkPad X240

Lenovo thinkpad

The traveling businessman will definitely benefit greatly from the Lenovo ThinkPad which boasts of having the longest battery life for a laptop. A fully charged battery can last foro more than 20 hours so you can be sure to do your work seamlessly even while on a long-haul flight. Read more…

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