Ultraportables and the Kindle

I’ve been a big believer of ultraportables. My Asus EEE and I been practically joined at the hip from the day I bought it. It really bridged this gap between using a desktop and using a full featured notebook and it has significantly increased my productivity.

There are those people, however, who have thrown in their support for e-book readers. These gadgets are limited in their usability and is practically a one-trick pony but it has created its own niche in the competitive gadgets sector. Even the much-criticized Kindle reader from Amazon is selling like hotcakes, so much so that Jeff Bezos has issued an apology for the company’s inability to address the demand for their first electronic product.

According to Bezos, there is a six-week wait for those who order Kindle and shipping is being done on a first come, first served basis. Bezos said that Amazon is doing its best to increase the manufacturing capacity of the product, which I am pretty sure they are groping around in the dark right now for solutions, this being their first commercial product.

For those who want their e-books, I would enthusiastically recommend an ultraportable instead. But for e-book fans, I guess the Kindle is indeed the right choice despite the steep $399 price tag.

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