MSI comes out with GX600 gaming notebook

MSI Computers is one of the most popular IDMs in Taiwan. In  fact, it is so success that the company even decided to expand by entering the market for branded computers itself. MSI, as a brand, has become quite popular and has also built a reputation for quality products at very competitive prices.

A few days ago, MSI announced the arrival of the GX600 gaming notebook.  This new gizmo offers a very unique feature, the ability to overclock by just a touch. The 6.16 pound notebook will come in two “flavors”. One of them will have a cool flame graphic design while the other will have a more “traditional” look.

The one touch overclocking actually serves like the old “turbo button” of computers years and years ago.  A simple press of the button and the speed of the CPU improves by as much as 20 per cent. Cool isn’t it? Actually this feature can also be done through a mere software tweak but a hardware button makes it look very cool.

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