Online Connectivity While Traveling

Work and family obligations require most people to be constantly in touch even while traveling.  Even with the possession of a top-of-the-line laptop, no substantial work can be done without proper Internet connectivity.  This then renders bringing the laptop useless.

To ensure that the additional burden of carrying a laptop does not go to waste, travelers should do some research on the place of destination with regards to the availability of wireless connection.  The initial point of information is usually the hotel or hostel wherein the travelers intend to stay.  This makes sense since this is probably the place where laptops will be used most often away from home or work.  It has to be made clear however whether Internet connectivity is provided through free wi-fi connection or through a business center paid by the hour.  Wi-fi connection is also sometimes limited to a specific area in the hotel only which will make it impossible to have the convenience of staying in the room during laptop use.

Travelers who find themselves in such an inconvenient situation can look for an Ethernet jack on the room walls if they have their Ethernet cable on hand.  With these two, wireless connection can be established.  This option however will not always be available in all places of accommodation.  Ethernet connection may require configuring the Internet protocol to the connection at one’s specific location.

Many travel guidebooks already include information about connectivity options since most travelers are understandably concerned with its availability.  Before leaving, laptops should be made Internet-ready primarily by checking if the wireless card and Ethernet jack are properly functioning.  An external attachment known as the WLAN hardware that makes it possible to create one’s own wireless signal can be brought along just in case it is necessary to use it.  A laptop can provide the most flexibility when traveling with documents and other important files contained in it but sometimes it is only as good as the connection it can access.

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