Memjet printers coming soon

For years I have never heard of any major advancements in printer technology until Silverbrook came along. The company revealed it Memjet printer technology that wowed everyone with its claims of a 60-page-per-minute printing speed. And that was just the initial announcement. The company soon announced the development of new Memjet technology that can promise a blazing 360-pages-per-minute speed.

Now, the company is about to release its technology to the public this year, with products coming out in 2009. The Memjet guys will not necessarily build the printers themselves. Instead, they will sell the tech components to OEMs and the latter can put their own brand on it.

Anyone who has suffered through the boredom of printing knows that waiting for large volume files to print can be time consuming. Such a fast printing speed can make a significant impact on efficiency in the workplace.

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