Gaming now and then

If someone would have presented an XBOX 360 for me and my friends 20 years ago, I’m pretty sure we probably would have fainted. When you compare similar games from the mid-eighties with today’s top notch video and computer games, the difference in graphics is quite amazing.

Here’s an interesting comparison of 5 games from the 80’s with todays killer games:

Double Dribble (Nintendo, 1987) vs. NBA Live’06 (XBOX 360, 2006)

game screen shots

Karate Champ (Nintendo, 1986) vs. DOA 4 (XBOX 360, 2006)

game screen shots

Tennis (Nintendo, 1983) vs. Top Spin 2 (XBOX 360, 2006)

game screen shots

Rad Racer (Nintendo, 1987) vs. PGR 3 (XBOX 360, 2005)

game screen shots

Punch Out (Nintendo, 1987) vs Fight Night round 3 (XBOX 360, 2006)

game screen shots

I still love the classics. Time to blow the dust off my Nintendo. Ah, 8 bit graphics. The good old days :)

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  1. Haha, yeah, my old Nintendo still worked perfectly last time I tried it out; some of the games, though…

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