White Porcelain

Recently I’ve been looking into getting a new washer and dryer, so I went online looking for some good appliance deals.

Thanks to Google Video here is one of the most awesome television ads I’ve seen in a while.

After watching this commercial, I want to find a location in my area just to meet this guy but according to the Appliance Direct website, he’s only got locations in Florida.

At any rate, this guy is really funny. Remember kids, it’s all about White Porcelain :)

3 Comments on “White Porcelain

  1. LOL I haven’t seen those commercials in a LONG time!

    When I lived in Florida (which is where “the Giant” can be found), there were two-hour long infomercials for this place… comprised of many mini-commercials.

    Talk about having nothing better to do at 3 am on a Tuesday morning but laugh! :)

  2. Hi Lara. Thanks for popping by.

    Two hours of this guy? Wow. That would be great! What else did he get excited about besides White Porcelain?

    Indeed, at 3 am, there is all kinds of “fun” information on TV.

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