Vista SP1 now available

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft finally released Windows Vista Service Pack 1, the first official update to the new OS that was introduced just over a year ago. As timelines go, SP1 for Vista has been released relatively fast. I think it’s so much more faster than when SP1 for Windows XP was released.

Service Pack 1 contains many updates that seeks to enhance compatibility, security and performance. Users should not expect anything as drastic as the XP SP1, which also contained a number of interface improvements as well as the inclusion of additional features that clearly spelled a difference and showcased the addition of a new service pack.

According to Microsoft, Vista SP1 will bring a speed boost along with a swifter large file copying as well as increased connectivity success with networked PCs. Better Bitlocker encryption is also promised as well as desktop search that a user can configure.

I’d love to hear how Vista SP1 is performing on your laptops.

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