Video: Prototype Android tablet running Flash and Air

While Apple and Adobe’s little tussle over Steve Job’s adamant stand to not let Flash on the iPad, people from other companies have been trying to create tablet computers running other mobile OS’s that can run Flash. One such operating system that can run Flash would be Google’s Android.

From Tech Ticker:

At the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Zedomax stumbled upon a prototype Android tablet at the Adobe booth. The prototype seemed to run Android OS 2.1 but more importantly, ran Adobe’s Flash and Air. The site
claims that both Adobe’s technologies worked “flawlessly” and were “totally impressed by how it ran”.

We’re not sure how the Flash-enabled tablet would behave if we multi-tasked extensively but it’s good to hear that non-iPad users will be able to enjoy Flash and Air content in the near future.

Videos after the break.

I’m not delusional enough to believe that Android-powered tablets would be enough to unseat the iPad from being the current king of tablet computers (well, considering that this is the first tablet computer that really sold well, the iPad really has no competition), but for people who want to play videos on sites other than YouTube and play Facebook games, this is a good option. Instead of, you know, waiting for HTML 5 to take over the reins of interactive web content from Flash.

I’m not a Flash apologist; I understand how many exploits can be exploited within Flash, and I actually use FlashBlock on both Firefox and Chrome, but if you want to have a tablet that doesn’t break half the sites you’re visiting, and you want a tablet now and you can’t wait for the future, then an Android tablet with Flash and Air is a good idea.

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