To Bring or Not To Bring- That is the Question

With the great reluctance of people to part from their laptops, I could almost swear that it has become one of the basic needs of man like food, clothing, and shelter.  We see those conspicuous black shoulder bags lugged on by travelers everywhere.  It wouldn’t be so weird if the purpose is work-related since there will be no question of bringing the laptop but as to why holiday travelers would prefer to bring theirs is beyond me.

And so they say they need to stay connected to their workplace even when on vacation.  They also say they need to upload pictures, browse the Internet, and so on and so forth.  The reasons are endless. I wonder why they had to leave in the first place.

Bringing work on family vacations is unfair to the family who has waited long for the opportunity to bond.  Minimal communication requirements can easily be addressed by smaller gadgets such as phones.  Card images for pictures taken by digital cameras can be transferred to a CD while sending the same pictures through email can easily be done through an Internet cafe.  In other words, there are other ways of doing what you need to do with a laptop especially if it would be only for a limited period of time such as a vacation or holiday.

Bringing an expensive equipment like a laptop along while traveling is just too much responsibility and distraction to truly enjoy a leisure trip.  It will always be a security concern whether it is left in the room or brought along in sight-seeing.  More than the cost of the equipment itself, losing the important data it contains represents a higher threat when it finds its way to unscrupulous criminals.  Give yourself a break and travel without your laptop once in a while, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt that much. 


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