Provide Thieves a Hard Time

Everyone knows how gadgets such as laptops serve as magnets for thieves especially in travel.  Traveling tends to deviate the attention of owners more than in familiar environments.  These deviations are just what the thieves are waiting for to do their thing.  Losing anything of value is one of the biggest spoilers of any trip.

The loss of a laptop while on a business trip speaks of untold inconvenience, lost opportunities, and risk of exposing trade secrets.  The same loss during a leisure trip is not preferable as well because of the risk of divulging personal information as well as having no access to a very convenient gadget used for recording and communicating.  Sometimes however, travelers invite laptop theft more than any other.  

It is never a good idea to leave laptops unattended at any time.  The inattention invites thieves to take greater interest seeing the particular laptop as an easier target more than others.  It usually takes a mere amount of distraction to lose something permanently.  The presence of a laptop should be unannounced if possible particularly in crowded places and when left in the vehicle.  

At the very least, laptop owners should provide thieves a hard time if they are to put up a fight to preserve them.  Otherwise, they might as well hand over their laptops themselves.  It is also advantageous to install laptop recovery software to trace its whereabouts if actually lost. 

The loss of a laptop is far serious than the loss of a bag because of the common practice of people nowadays to store their most important data electronically.  A whole range of personal and business information can be contained in this portable gadget.  The magnitude of the loss is not quantified by the physical loss but the contents found within.

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