How to Balance Work and Travel

work and travel

Contrary to what most people think, you can travel and work to get your regular overseas fix, and even linger a while in foreign lands. A balance can be found between the two, but of course it can be a challenge to establish it.

Here are some ways you can think about making work and travel coexist in your life. Read more…

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Instagram on Laptop: Is it Possible?

We all know that Instagram is used on smartphones and don’t often hear enough about it being used in desktops and laptops. Does this mean then that it is not possible to use Instagram on laptops? Apparently, this is not the case.

There are those who are suggesting that we this can be done by simply signing up with Instagram but it would take a little more than that to be able to participate in insta challenges of your own without a smartphone. Let us consider the possible options.

Pixsta (Instagrille)

It took a while before Android users had the chance to use Instagram on their computers. Instagrille offers one of the available options in the form of an app for accessing Instagram with the use of a personal computer. Instagrille is now known as Pixsta.


Webstagram is an Instagram web viewer. It allows users to view the photos of all the people they follow. It likewise allows users to like and comment on photos, follow and unfollow other users, and browse popular photos.


Webbygram is another app that makes it possible to have the Instagram experience on a desktop or laptop. That is still minus the ability to upload photos though.

There are other options available, all with the intent of providing the closest Instagram experience ever using a desktop or laptop. This “mobile first” experience may yet get better in Android devices.


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Carry Your Laptop in Style with Kickstarter Products

The popular crowd sourcing platform Kickstarter is not only about Kickstarter games. It is a whole lot of other innovations and interesting products. Those who would want a more stylish and functional way of carrying their laptops around should consider these options.

The Chivote Boombox Bag: 1 bag 4 styles

chivote boombox bag

The Chivote Boombox Bag is one bag in four styles that can comfortably and safely carry your laptop. Aside from the backpack style shown above, it can also function as a messenger bag, a briefcase, or a clutch bag. It is the perfect home for your gadgets as it can fit in a laptop, small tablet, chargers, external hard drives, and just about anything you need to bring  with you in the name of staying connected. The bag boasts of functionality, pleasant design, high quality material, and enough space as described.

Aurora Laptop Case

Aurora laptop case

The Aurora Laptop Case was designed to be a super sleek , ultralight, minimal laptop sleeve to provide a better option to heavy laptop bags. It is the perfect partner to today’s ultra-thin laptops. It changes from a sleeve to a shoulder bag within seconds.

ONE | Laptop and Camera Bag System

one bagThe One laptop and Camera Bag System consists of two separate bags that can work together or separately. It is the ideal bag system for photographers who are likewise style-conscious laptop users. It is to be made available in different cover styles to fit the personalities of its owners.

SkyRoll Spinner: Suitcase, Garment Bag, & Laptop Bag in One

Skyroll bag

The SkyRoll Spinner Bag  is a carry-on suitcase with a wrap-around garment bag, internal padded laptop sleeve & spinner wheels. It offers the innovative way of bringing clothes through rolling instead of folding. The laptop sleeve eliminates the need to carry a separate laptop bag.

ViVAX: The best portable laptop protection system available


Vivax is touted to be a laptop case that is crushproof, waterproof, shockproof, and dirtproof. It is 100% made in Italy using a shell of military origin. It is made up of two parts – the waterproof external shell and the shockproof techno-polymer interior.

Cykochik Artist Series 3 :: 10 Year Anniversary Collection

cycochik vegan bag

The Cycochik bag offering for its 10th anniversary consists of custom made vegan bags  and laptop sleeves. Each bag is designed to be one-of-a-kind with buyers having a free choice of color and lining combinations. This is the 3rd Artist Series for the creator.

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Latest Startup Projects Related to Computers

There never seems to be a shortage of new ideas related to computers. Because of the highly-technological world we live in, it is not at all surprising that this is so. There is actually a deluge of innovative startup projects literally flooding crowdsourcing platforms such as Kickstarter. Many have already been successfully funded and developed making it possible for interested consumers to conveniently buy Kickstarter products from an online Kickstarter store like that of ForeverGeek.


Startup Projects to Watch Out For

Kano: A Computer Anyone Can Make



Kano is a computer which you can do yourself. It is powered by Raspberry Pi and comes with a speaker, wireless server, and a custom case. It offers games, music and sounds, HD video, Debian Linux packages, and just about anything else because it is open source. It is something that can be built in a matter of seconds(technically) and with so much fun, Even the presentation is fun with Lego-inspired books to boot.



Swatchmate Color Capturing Cube


The Swatchmate Color Capturing Cube is a portable device that capture the color of any surface. The color data is sent to your Smartphone or Photoshop with the use of Bluetooth. It is very useful to artists and designers but of course can be used by anyone who wants to capture real color for their computer work.



This Tile Used to be Your TV


“This Tile Used to Be Your TV” is exactly what its name suggests. Using old computer monitors and TVs, recycled CRT tiles are produced. They can be used as coasters and for decorative purposes.


There are just three of the many possibilities proposed through Kickstarter and it is such a joy to discover the many ways people can think of improving lives through unique innovations. These projects aim to make the modern life more convenient and environment-friendly. Even the simplest but useful projects can make a difference. IT is no wonder then that many proposed projects get their needed funding from those who are able and can readily appreciate the possibilities they present.

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7 Tips for Moving Abroad

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 1.14.16 AM

The digital world is enabling more individuals to move overseas, as businesses shift from office work to online tasks. Once you are able to work offsite, you may have the freedom to move outside the country. This could be a very exciting time in your life, because you have the chance to grow and explore an entirely new environment.

Take a look at these seven moving tips if you want to plan for a life abroad. Read more…

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