Latest Startup Projects Related to Computers

There never seems to be a shortage of new ideas related to computers. Because of the highly-technological world we live in, it is not at all surprising that this is so. There is actually a deluge of innovative startup projects literally flooding crowdsourcing platforms such as Kickstarter. Many have already been successfully funded and developed making it possible for interested consumers to conveniently buy Kickstarter products from an online Kickstarter store like that of ForeverGeek.


Startup Projects to Watch Out For

Kano: A Computer Anyone Can Make



Kano is a computer which you can do yourself. It is powered by Raspberry Pi and comes with a speaker, wireless server, and a custom case. It offers games, music and sounds, HD video, Debian Linux packages, and just about anything else because it is open source. It is something that can be built in a matter of seconds(technically) and with so much fun, Even the presentation is fun with Lego-inspired books to boot.



Swatchmate Color Capturing Cube


The Swatchmate Color Capturing Cube is a portable device that capture the color of any surface. The color data is sent to your Smartphone or Photoshop with the use of Bluetooth. It is very useful to artists and designers but of course can be used by anyone who wants to capture real color for their computer work.



This Tile Used to be Your TV


“This Tile Used to Be Your TV” is exactly what its name suggests. Using old computer monitors and TVs, recycled CRT tiles are produced. They can be used as coasters and for decorative purposes.


There are just three of the many possibilities proposed through Kickstarter and it is such a joy to discover the many ways people can think of improving lives through unique innovations. These projects aim to make the modern life more convenient and environment-friendly. Even the simplest but useful projects can make a difference. IT is no wonder then that many proposed projects get their needed funding from those who are able and can readily appreciate the possibilities they present.

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Located off the coast of Ecuador, you’ll find the Galapagos Islands (14 of them, to be exact). They’re a great sanctuary of natural beauty and home to some of the most unusual wildlife you’re ever likely to see. Have you ever witnessed an iguana jumping into the ocean? You might, if you visit the Galapagos. Read more…

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