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    3 Ways to Optimize Working While Traveling

    Working while on the go is never easy, but it’s especially challenging if you’re not taking care of your holistic health (and don’t have the right technology!)

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    Best Laptops for Businessmen on the Go

    While tablets are the best friends of youngsters today, the laptop is still the most reliable for business people constantly on the move. The device, being the portable version of the desktop computer, is capable of performing both light and heavy tasks even when a business professional is traveling to other places.

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    New Intel chip to give whole-day battery life

    Intel has been on a roll over the last couple of years with a series of great innovations being introduced with their new products that is setting the benchmark for speed, low temperatures and reliability. Now the company is set to unveil a new chip that will offer unprecedented battery life.

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    Is standing the new sitting?

    A number of health problems have been associated with long hours sitting down – not just back problems but also health issues with the heart and even cancer. Because of these health concerns there is a growing movement that seeks to change the way people work in the workplace – and that is working while standing.

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    Google Chrome OS Laptop for $20 a Month

    Google has announced that they are going to offer the Google Chrome OS laptop for as low as $20 a month, in a scheme that is not unlike what telecommunications companies offer for mobile phones

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    Consumers Use Tablets More Than Laptops

    If you had a desktop computer, a laptop, a netbook, and a tablet, which one would you end up using the most? This is the question that TV ratings company Nielsen posed to the respondents in one of its recent surveys.

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The Best Low-Spec Games for Low-Spec Laptops

In this digital age, not everyone owns high-tech devices and it’s not always necessary to have the most updated models. Some may own smartphones or laptops but those that still have low specs. But despite not…


MSI GE620DX Quad-core Gaming Laptop

It’s a well known fact that if you are really into gaming, you just have to live with the fact that you will need to keep on upgrading your machine as new models and new games…


Good Deal: Dell Alienware m11x Gaming Laptop

Looking for a nice gaming laptop but don’t want to shell out too much money? Some may say that you are not going to find anything decent under $1000 or even $700, but all you need…

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3 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe When Traveling

In the fast pace of traveling life, there is a lot of stuff that is going through your mind. If you’re a lover of travel, you’re first and foremost thinking about all the amazing things you’re…

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Best Places in the United States to Travel to For Sporting Events

The human race as a whole has always been a fan of activity. The ancient Greeks invented the Olympics, for crying out loud. Not only does the body need exercise to help with basic function, but…


5 Tips For Working While Traveling

Many an employed person will be required to do work while traveling, or be required to travel because of work. And if you don’t have a system in place where you can get things accomplished, you…