Memo light for your lappie

There are a lot of people who get enamored with those weird gadgets that is powered by a laptop’s USB port (you know who you are). I myself would like to have the portable light that I can use to illuminate my keyboard when I’m working in the dark. But then there are those who would pay good money to buy USB-powered mug warmers, soda can chillers, fans and even massagers.

One of USB gadget that I recently saw is a USB-powered “memo lamp”. The device, which looks like a translucent rock can emit different colored lights to match your “mood”. The weird thing about it is that it also comes with a pen and you can use it to write short memos on the rock-like gadget itself. Call it a glorified lava lamp with post-it functionality. The product, which is sold by a Korean company, retails for almost 20 US Dollars.

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