Laptops in a meeting

Yesterday I went to a story meeting with a couple of my colleagues. The meeting’s purpose was simple AND complicated — to develop topics for a new online IT resource for managers that will cater to the more technical and IT related aspects of managing a company. The goal is simple but arriving at that goal was really hard because we had to simplify very complicated IT terms and concepts for the regular manager.

Knowing that we’ve got our work cut out for us, each one of us tried to bring as many helpful tools as we can to the meeting — and funnily enough, that meant bringing our laptops with us for the meeting. When the discussion shifted to theĀ  nitty-gritty of the topic selection, we all whipped out our laptops almost simultaneously. This made us all laugh. One of my colleagues blurted out that about a few years ago being in a meeting where all of the participants have a laptop would have been unheard of because of its high cost. And it’s true, the constant evolution of parts, the new methods of making these parts at a cheaper cost, and the increased demand has really driven prices down, so much that practically anyone can afford a laptop now. Heck, I’m even shopping around for a second laptop just to make it easier for me and my wife to handle our projects! Talk about unthinkable.

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