How to Watch Cable TV While Traveling

Traveling to other countries is a great and enriching experience but too often, many of us feel the need to connect back home when in a new place especially during nighttime. No matter how exciting we feel about exploring another city or the countryside, there seems to be a longing to do something we’re used to. Watching our favorite cable TV shows is one of them.

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The question now is, “Is it possible to watch your cable TV back home while traveling?” The answer is a definite yes.

There are various ways to allow you to connect to your favorite television shows in the U.S. while in another place. You can choose to use a specific device or simply log on to the internet.

How Slingbox Works

The Slingbox is a popular device that you can connect to the DVR provided by your cable or satellite TV company and works via an internet connection. Once this is set up, you can control the menu settings, schedule recordings and stream live to computers and mobile devices such as Android phones, Blackberries and iPhones. A strong internet connection is required to enable you and your family back home to watch your shows at the same time despite the distance.

Another advantage of Slingbox is it also allows you to record foreign TV shows that you can watch later when you return home. It can be used not only within the U.S. but as well as in Asia, Australia and Europe.
The only downside is that only one person can control the programming which means that you will have to stick with what your family back home is watching.

Use Online Streaming Sites

Using online streaming sites is your other option. An internet connection is needed and normally, you will be able to view the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows within a day after airing. The downside is it will take some time to download the videos which can sometimes be of poor quality.

Some of these video streaming sites you can use other than YouTube are and If you’re traveling within the U.S. only, sites you can use are, ABC, NBC and CBS.

Quality Videos via Torrents

The Torrents software is also commonly used today. This is a file sharing application which lets people download files uploaded by others. You can be assured of downloading quality videos that you can watch later at your own convenient time. Just make sure your computer has the necessary anti-virus programs so you can prevent virus attacks.

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