Hello Rewind will recycle your old shirts into laptop sleeves

Do you have a shirt that you purchased one drunken night? You know, one of those things that you tend to forget you ever owned, and then one day you’re clean your closet, and then you see an oversized shirt with Milli Vanilli’s faces printed on them? Like you, I’ve made lots of questionable t-shirt purchases in the past and I’d like to put these ugly shirts to good use. (DISCLAIMER: I may or may not have a Milli Vanilli t-shirt somewhere in my closet)

Well then, Hello Rewind may be for you. They’ll recycle your unloved shirts into a laptop sleeve. Here’s a little something about Hello Rewind, from their site:

Once upon a time, it was your statement to the world — a show of school pride, a taste for graphic design, a photo of your favorite singer’s mug shot. These days, it probably sits unworn in storage. Here’s your chance to transform your old, favorite t-shirt into wearable duds for your laptop.

Hello Rewind is passionate about fighting sex trafficking. Through our social enterprise, we work with women formerly sex trafficked in New York City so they can learn new skills and support themselves. By purchasing a Hello Rewind laptop sleeve, you help sustain our mission.

So even if you’re not really into supporting their cause, don’t you think it’s neat to have your old, embarrassing shirts transform into something actually useful? All you need to do is purchase a 13 or 15-inch laptop sleeve from Hello Rewind and they will send you a pre-paid envelope for your shirt. Within 4-8 weeks, your laptop will have something new to wear.

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  1. I love cool laptop sleeves. I started collecting them especially the one that has NYC and London images printed. I am trying to build a store to sell them on the web.

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