Halo 3 cases scratches game disks

Say what you will about Sony and the Playstation 3 — high prices, delays in top tier titles, the snafu with the rumble feature — at least the company releases products that have a measure of quality that assures customers. Look at the rushed release of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the immediate complaints about its powercords, overheating issues and the dreaded ring of death. Playstation 3 may have been left at the gate but from the initial reviews of the unit, it was relatively quiet (compared to the 360’s industrial level drone) and overheating issues were very few, if at all apparent.

Microsoft seems to have built a reputation for always coming out with rushed products. You just need to look at all of their software, which are technically working betas than final releases, the aforementioned Xbox 360, and now Halo 3. I have yet to hear about glitches on the software itself but, predictably, complaints are being posted on the internet about the game case scratching disks.  I’m not wholely blaming Microsoft for this fiasco because they surely have contracted a third party to manufacture the cases but shouldn’t these things also be tested? In fairness to Microsoft, they have acted quickly about this complaint, not like their very slow acknowledgement of the ring of death issue.

I know I’m going to get a lot of hate mail from Xbox fanboys for this one…

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