Google Earth Release 4 BETA

Google EarthTo celebrate the first anniversary of Google Earth, you can download a brand new version, Google Earth 4.

What’s really exciting about this new release is it’s now available for multiple Operating Systems and not just Windows anymore. Running on OS X? Feel the love. Prefer Linux? Ditto. That’s right, Google is releasing simultaneously for PC, Mac (universal binary for full performance on both Intel and PowerPC based Macs) and for the first time ever, native support for popular Linux distributions. Google rocks!

They’ve also localized the new version of Google Earth so it supports French, Italian, German and Spanish users in addition to English. This includes a UI localized to French, Italian, German, and Spanish, as well as local search, driving directions, geo-coding, and unique local information layers for those countries. Can it get any better? Of course it can because it’s in Beta and Google listens to user feedback.

There are so many great improvements with Google Earth 4:

Google reorganized the data layers to make it easier to find layers and turn them on and off, they added support for “textured” 3D buildings, meaning the bricks look like real bricks, the glass like real glass, and overall, the world looks more like, well, the real world.

Google did such a great job with this release that even the snauze berries, taste like snauze berries!

4 Comments on “Google Earth Release 4 BETA

  1. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the tip about the new release. I am downloading it now and can’t wait to try it out.

    I let you know what I think.

  2. No problem on the tip. It’s really amazing the changes they’ve made with the User Interface. I look forward to your feedback on it.

  3. I was a little puzzeled where the controls were at first until they poped up when I hovered in the top right corner but once I had found them it was not a problem.

    It is fascinating to be able to take a virtual tour of the earth. Pity the photos are not live so you could see people walking about :-) Now that would be something!

    My one only niggle would be the lower quality images of my part of the world than some others, but it is still great.

  4. Since it’s still in Beta I’m sure things will continue to improve. You should send in some user feedback on your thoughts about the controls.

    I agree it would be great if the images were in real time but I can see why they don’t. Just imagine those live images getting into the wrong hands? I can think of many security issues why they wouldn’t want images in real time for the general public.

    I think the main reason is probably bandwidth. Showing live streaming video images being served to 1,000’s of users would probably choke the internet.

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