Google Chrome OS: First Look


I’ve been totally excited about Chrome OS for some time now, and I was eagerly looking forward to the big yesterday. But the screenshots that came out left me with a feeling of “that’s it?!”

Okay, I knew all along that Chrome OS will be cloud-based and that you won’t be able to do much with it without an internet connection. Fair enough. I just wasn’t expecting that they’d turn out this uninspired design that looks no different from Chrome, the browser.

It’s just basically the Chrome browser slapped on top of a Linux base. So those expecting to go crazy on multimedia with it are going to be mightily disappointed. It’s just something you put on your netbook and boot up really quickly when you need to browse and/or do some Google Docs work on the go. It’s not even going to try to wean you off Windows (well, not until we all start to work on the cloud alone).

Just in case you’re curious to see how Chrome OS runs, you better check out the video below.

5 Comments on “Google Chrome OS: First Look

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  2. I’m actually going to drop Google’s OS. They’ve become so big that it scares me. And now the DNS service – wth? That’s too much information for one company.

    Neeh, go Bing&Yahoo.

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