Google Breaks 60% Search Market Share

Yes, it’s true. Google is kicking some major butt for being the search engine of choice. Granted, Google’s stock price may have declined in recent weeks but its share of the U.S. search market continues to rise. Yay Google!

During the four-week period ending July 29, 60.2% of U.S. based Internet searches were executed at Google, according to Internet metrics company Hitwise. This is up from 59.3% in June.

In the same period, Yahoo Search also gained market share, moving from 22.0% to 22.5%. MSN Search saw a slight decrease, falling from 12.1% to 11.8%.

These top three search engines accounted for over 94% of all searches in the United States. Other search engines together accounted for just 5.5% of U.S. searches.

Moral of the story? Google rocks. Now if we can just get more people using Firefox instead of Internet Exploder.

4 Comments on “Google Breaks 60% Search Market Share

  1. Google is getting far too big for its britches and its search results are not always as “uncannily accurate” as used to be reported.

    I try to use Yahoo! and other search engines to keep the competition alive . . . which will benefit all internet search users.

  2. Google has recently been working on the algorithm and doing a lot of re-indexing and database clean up, so it would make sense that things are not always accurate but I agree that users should try other engines as well.

    I personally use both Google and Yahoo but Yahoo is more of a portal site, so Google is always my first choice for search.

  3. I personally like to switch around often, though my favorite is Clusty.

  4. is nice but the secret sauce behind the site is how it queries several top search engines, like Google and Yahoo, combines the results then generates an ordered list based on comparative ranking, so ultra technically, Clusty wouldn’t be good without other major search engines.

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