Documenting Travel

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Documenting one’s travel is a natural activity of a frequent traveler.  There is a desire to capture what has been seen and discovered through travel.  This will come through words and pictures usually in a blog.

The act of recording the details of a traveling experience may stem from a desire to forever preserve what has been seen.  It can also be prompted by a desire to share the experience with or without monetary benefit.  When there is no expectation of financial remuneration, documenting a travel experience can be provided for information to travelers who might be considering going to the same destination in the future.  Travels undertaken for work of course requires remuneration but may be subject to certain format in presentation.

Personal travel stories are quite free flowing.  It may provide details which may be relevant or not to the destination like emotions which the author may be going through  at the time which is not at all related to the place featured.  For searchers who are are merely interested in the facts of a travel experience, this might not a preferred format.  It is best therefore for the author to determine what audience he or she is targeting so the story line can be adjusted accordingly.

Whatever the reason of the author is in writing the story, documenting travel experiences is always a good practice.  Even if words have been imparted  to readers, the experience remains personal to stay in the author’s heart as long as he or she wishes to remember.

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