CINQ: portable extra monitor for those times one screen isn’t enough.


I’ve only recently began to appreciate the awesomeness of using multiple monitors. I’ve always thought multiple monitors are overindulgent and for a mere blogger like me who doesn’t dabble in graphics design or video editing, a single monitor seemed enough. That is, of course until I tried setting up a nice multi-monitor setup on my laptop and I swear, I feel more productive. Dual monitors are also attributed to a 30-50% rise in productivity, so I really wanted to try that setup. Now that I use dual monitors, I don’t know how I can live and work without it.

Now remember, I’m using a laptop. Which, obviously is a portable system. And monitors aren’t exactly the most portable stuff to carry around. In fact, I’d like to meet somebody carrying around an extra monitor on a daily basis. Anyway, if a secondary mnitor that you can carry around everywhere is what you’re looking for, then the CINQ might be the gadget for you.

The CINQ is a 10.1 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel LCD screen (16:9 aspect ratio!) that you can connect to your computer via USB. The CINQ also comes with a stand and an attachment so you can mount your mini-LCD screen to your laptop. If you’re going to use a netbook, it’ll obviously topple over if you attach it, so you’re better off using the stand. Aside from it being an extra monitor, it also has an SD card reader built in.

The CINQ uses up to 2.8W of power and displays 262k colors. The display will sell for $249, although CINQ is offering $50 off that price for customers who pre-order now.


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  1. Great tool for copy/paste work. What can I say…love it!!!

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