Cingular Is Now The New AT&T

AT&T Inc. has completed its acquisition of BellSouth Corporaton, creating a flagship American communications company committed to driving convergence, continued innovation and competition in the communications and entertainment marketplace.

Cingular Wireless and AT&T

The merger consolidates ownership and management of Cingular Wireless, the nation’s No. 1 provider of wireless voice and data services, and YELLOWPAGES.COM, a leading Internet Yellow Pages and local search site.

As a result, the new AT&T will be better able to deliver innovative integrated services, streamlined customer care and greater convenience in buying communications and entertainment services, as the combined company integrates its wireless and wireline IP networks.

According to

…in its first stage, Cingular will share its orange logo of a bouncing jack with the AT&T globe logo on everything from television ads to sales uniforms and monthly bills.

Wendy Clark vice president of advertising at AT&T, said in an interview:

AT&T’s name and logo will eventually replace Cingular in a process expected to take several months, with the exact timing determined as more customer feedback comes in.

I’m not to sure how I feel about this.

From what I recall, wasn’t AT&T broken apart into many peaces years ago for being a monopoly? and now with this $86 billion purchase of BellSouth Corporation last month it would seem they’re going to become one giant powerful phone company again.

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  1. Very interesting. Cingular absorbed AT&T Wireless last year. In fact the network I connect to said AT&T Wireless for some time.

    Also one wonders how this deal affects Cingular’s partnerships – namely with Apple. I imagine Mr. Jobs new of this beforehand.

  2. Yeah, I was thinking that same thing about AT&T and its old monopoly days, except that I think it was one of the shards from when Bell was broken apart. Oh well, it’s not like anyone really cares these days… You know ExxonMobil is a conglomerate of three of the companies into which old Standard Oil was broken? As long as they slow down and don’t keep rolling over other phone companies and absorbing them, I doubt anyone will care enough to bring an antitrust suit against AT&T.

  3. Actually it seem to be kind of a mixed bag today … there were some AT&T ads about the merger, but all the Cingular ads and web sites look to be intact …

  4. Y’all should care. A lot. Less competition with every merger, and CEO Ed saying he “owns” the internet pipes. Luckily some smart grassroots folks got a lot of people shouting about this and three FCC commissioners did the right thing in putting a Network Neutrality clause on the deal so Ed can’t turn the internet into The Home Shopping Network and Bud TV.

  5. Well, the acquisition was announced something like November last year — so yeah, we all knew about it. The regulators finally gave the go ahead.

    Also, the companies are more than just a ‘bell’ phone company. The companies are moving to data providers as well (mobile, video, etc). Thus, they’re surely going to help themselves with the acquisitions but they’re also getting into more competitive markets.

    There are tons more legislation on telecom companies (giving competitive local carriers, CLECs, advantages over the regional bells or RBOCs). That wasn’t around many years ago.

  6. You have to realize that this is a different AT&T than what AT&T Wireless was. AT&T was acquired by SBC and they then changed their name to AT&T, which is now being referred to as ‘The New AT&T’. The New AT&T (SBC) owns BellSouth and Cingular was owned by SBC and BellSouth before, so now The New AT&T owns Cingular. This AT&T is not the same as the AT&T Wireless we all knew before.

  7. As long as we Cingular customers (former) AT&T wireless customers don’t have to switch phones again, then I could care less. And Cingular offered much better service and phone choices, so I hope that all stays the same. AT&T represents such an older and more antiquated system, they better change the systems now that they’re this so called new company!

  8. Hi London,

    The service is going to stay the same with Cingular from what I heard. It will actually improve coverage areas as well.

    Yes AT&T is an old company but they have a solid backbone for wireless and data services, so this merger/purchase could be a good thing.

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