Picture of the Day

Car Rear View Mirror:

Be Warned For The Microsoft Surface

Every one who’s interested even only a little in new technology and geek stuff, knows all about the iPhone by now. How wonderful it is, how much it will change your life and revolutionize your garden…

Google Girl, Ask.com Marketing Had Better Done This

Ask.com has been often in the news lately with its new marketing campaign. During the horrible guerrilla campaign against Google, the central question remained ‘Would you switch to Ask.com’ No. No way. The picture after the…

Laptops and Jihad

Here’s your chance to vote. Will giving laptops away virtually for free in countries with heavy influence from radical Islam result in: A) A new generation of peaceful Muslims who appreciate the generosity of the West…

Global Warming

For those of you who don’t believe that global warming is happening, I offer up this photo: Well there you have it. Positive proof of global warming :)