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Samsung Series 9 Laptops Are Looking Oh So Sleek

Samsung Series 9 Laptop

Samsung Series 9 Laptop

The other day, I was walking around the mall when a huge display caught my eye in what usually is an open space. Samsung was holding a special exhibit, and special it was! The Series 9 laptops have been the talk of the town for a while now, although I don’t know too many people getting their hands on one. It seems, though, that Samsung has struck gold with this series, making their thin laptops a feasible alternative to Apple’s MacBook Airs. And if expanding the line is anything to go by, then Samsung has really done a good job with the initial offerings.

The news is that there are new 13.3-inch versions which are part of the Series 9 laptops. First comes the NP900X3A-B01US, which comes with an Core i5-2467M CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a 128GB solid-state drive. This configuration will cost you a nice $1,349.

If the 128GB storage is not enough for you (understandably, if the laptop is going to be your main computer, that storage space needs to be bumped up), then the next model might be more to your liking – the NP900X3A-B02US. It has similar specs to the previous laptop, except that the SSD is 256GB. The price tag for this configuration is $1,649.

Now for the big boy – the NP900X3A-A05US. This laptop has a Core i7-2617M, 6GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD – all for $2,049.

Of course, it is to be expected that the additions to the line up includes smaller sized laptops. The Samsung Series 9 is also welcoming two new laptops in the 11-inch models. The NP900X1B-A02US has a Core i3-2357M processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 64GB SSD. The price is $1,049.

The other option is the NP900X3A-A01US, with the same processor as above, but more RAM at 4GB and more storage space at 128GB (SSD as well). This is priced at $1,249.

My first thoughts – beautifully sleek, but disappointingly pricey. Why would I want to go for these laptops if they are not way cheaper than the MacBook Airs? Then again, for people who want the look without leaving Windows, these laptops are perfect. Another thing going for these laptops is the material used to make the case – duralumin, which is supposed to be twice as strong as aluminum.

Watch out for their release next month, although I hear some stores are already offering them on a pre-order basis.


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Got an HP Laptop? Your Battery Might Have Been Recalled

HP Battery
The grapevine has been afire with news about Hewlett-Packard’s most recent recall of defective batteries. I say most recent as the announcement that was made last week, affecting 162,000 lithium-ion batteries, is not the first that has been made. Affected HP users will definitely not forget the worldwide recall that was done last year. There was also an earlier announcement made – a week before this latest announcement.

The problem is simple, but the results of any malfunction can be painful: the defective batteries may overheat and rupture. Obviously, if you’re using the laptop when/if this happens, you can get serious burns. Otherwise, you run the risk of setting your home/office on fire, just like what has happened to some users in 2010.

So if you have an HP laptop, how do you know if you need to get in touch with HP (and not waste their – and your – time in case you are not affected)?

Certain HP laptops that were manufactured between July 2007 and May 2008 are affected by the problem. So the first thing to do is to check when your laptop was manufactured. If it does not fall in between those dates, go on with your life. If your laptop was manufactured in that period, here is a complete list of model numbers and battery bar codes: US Consumer Product Safety Commission announcement. A quick list: HP Pavilion, Compaq Presario, HP, and HP Compaq.

Once you have determined that your laptop and battery are included in the list, do another check by visiting HP’s validation process web site. From there, you can also start the process of requesting a replacement battery, which is of course, free of charge.

I hope that you are not affected, but if you are, best get that battery replaced NOW!

Photo via Complaints Board

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Sony Vaio F Series on Pre-Sale

Sony Vaio F Series
Sony has consistently delivered high quality products, especially when it comes to their Vaio line. Users of these laptops will attest to their performance, and no one can deny that they score a lot of points in aesthetics as well. Of course, there is the price factor, but people are willing to pay for quality anyway.

If you are a fan of Sony products, then you might want to know that the newest in the Vaio line is now available on a pre-order basis on the Sony web site. Here’s the dish on the F series laptops.

Inside, you’ll find Intel Core i7 quad core processors to make sure that you have the computing power that you want and need. Sony recommends that you run Windows 7 on the laptop, although you can always use your preferred operating system. You can choose between the 16-inch 3D display and the 16.4-inch 2D display. And yes, you read that right – the laptops are 3D compatible, allowing you the luxury of watching the latest 3D movies on Blu-ray. The selection may not be that brilliant at the moment, but 3D capability might come in handy in the future. Personally, I would opt out of the 3D functionality for now.

Moving along, other key points about the F series include NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics and S-Force™ Front Surround 3D audio. As for the battery life, the 2D models can last for 2.5 hours on default settings and only 1.5 hours on DVD playback. This is rather poor, don’t you think?

As for connectivity, it has the usual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, plus it also has two USB 3.0 ports.

The laptops are available in four colors – glossy black, matte black, premium white, and silver.

Of course, you can configure the laptop to your heart’s content, but that probably means you will be paying more than the base price of $799.

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Intel Hopes to Introduce Game Changer in Laptop World

It seems that technology can do just about anything. From directing your every move, to what you’re going to eat for dinner, to using a reverse phone lookup. Even though their presence has increased in our lives, some companies are doing better than others. The PC hasn’t been doing to well for years now. Apple has been hitting the market, like clockwork, with increasingly newer and fresher innovations that, coupled with an aggressive marketing campaign, has made them a consumer favorite. Most Apple products are far more expensive than their PC counterpart but people are still driven to purchase these high-end machines. Some say that their increased reliability and brand recognition are just a few of the reasons for this success but PC’s aren’t out of the game. Some PC manufactures hope to revitalize their candidacy for supremacy in the computing market with newer sleeker laptops.

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More Battery Power from Leyden Energy

Leydonpouch2Tired of having to deal with battery issues? Any laptop owner has battery life as one of the main issues, and we are all limited by technology when it comes to this. There is good news, though, as start up company, Leyden Energy, announced its newest technology.

With their development, the Lithium Ion battery as we know it might just live longer than we are used to. According to the company, they are launching a tweaked version of the Lithium Ion battery, and it will NOT start degrading for three years – at least. That means that users will have access to the full power capacity of the battery for that minimum period.

Think about what this means. When before you would have about one year or so of full charge (if you have a good battery and if you’re lucky, even) before you had to start relying on your power cord to use your laptop continuously, the new battery will allow you to be as mobile as you want to be for three times longer.

Leyden Energy’s patented technology gives a high energy density (225Wh/kg, >400Wh/I) and has more than 1,000 cycles at 60 degrees Celsius. More than having the most out of the battery at high temperatures, this also means that the product is safer for use.

How much is this extended-life battery going to cost us? Leyden Energy has not revealed pricing details yet, but they said that they will be selling the battery via Canadian battery retailer Dr. Battery. One thing seems to be sure – we are expected to pay more than the standard batteries we have access to today. As to when it will reach the other parts of the world, we just have to wait and see.

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