Start Your Wedding Like A Vacation And Keep Traveling


Big wedding or small wedding, make you wedding extra memorable by starting it like a vacation. While not everyone gets to take a honeymoon following their “I do,” if you plan it right there are a…

Finding a Job That Lets You Travel

working while traveling

When it comes to job hunting these days some people don’t think they have enough options. Are you looking in the right place? You want to make sure that you have a job that has a…

Top Reasons Why Married Couples Should Travel

couple traveling together

In today’s fast-paced world, married couples need to find time to connect and improve their intimacy. This is a must-do to ensure your marital bond stays strong and your family stays together no matter the trials…

Home-Based Employees and The Risks They Face


Many people today prefer to work at home because of the convenience it provides. It not only saves you money but telecommuting lets you save a lot of travel time notably if you live far from…

Location Independent Professionals

Well, without a doubt, working from home has much more pros than cons; apart from the obvious, such as there may be more distractions at home than your work place, there is much more to gain….