Before the Laptop, There Was the Handwritten Journal

Image: domesticdandy

Travel journalists of today are commonly seen with a portable laptop by their side.  For many, a laptop has become an indispensable partner in journaling and documenting their travels.  It is worth remembering that before the laptop, there was the handwritten travel journal.

The handwritten travel journal evokes romance of a time when things were done the traditional way, the old-fashioned way.  A written travel journal can be one of the most prized possessions of a traveler because it is personal and the actions that accompany it are memorable.  There is still a certain flow that can never be like the pen and paper.

As a writer sits contemplating on what to write or what has transpired so far in his/her travel, the wheels of creativity are initiated and the emotions of events captured in handwritten words.  The proceeding actions are almost like part of a solemn ritual that will be repeated over and over again every time a travel journal is opened and used.

Many writers have successfully merged handwritten travel journaling and high-tech travel journaling through the use of gadgets.  The use of technology has not necessarily junked handwritten work.  In fact, it has been enhanced in more ways than one because of the features offered by gadgets.

The use of both options provide flexibility. Not every place in a traveler’s route would allow for the use of laptops or any other gadgets.  During these situations, pen and paper can save the day.  It is much too difficult to rely on pure memory.  Important details have to be recorded somehow.  A laptop and hard bound travel journal, they do work well together.

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