Attention Unemployed Geeks

This job advertisement could be exactly what you’ve been looking for:

Geek Phone Number

8 Comments on “Attention Unemployed Geeks

  1. Hi TechZ. Well if you don’t like your current employment or you want a second job, I guess you could call the number as well.

  2. Man, what if you could do that math in your sleep but arent a computer engineer?

    Well, assuming you could post a copy of that pic where the math is legible…

  3. Hehe, yesterday I stayed out until midnight partying (high school friend was back from his cooking school and wanted to make dinner for the old gang), so I ended up doing the whole “24 hours without a computer” thing…

  4. So what did your friend make for everyone? Did he actually learn how to cook anything really tasty?

  5. He made tempura-fried shrimp (which I admittedly didn’t eat, since any alcohol makes me queasy and I hate seafood anyway…), big old cheese raviolis with a sauce that was basically tomatoes, garlic, and oil (it was thin, but good), and three flavors of ice cream (I had a good-sized bowl of chocolate and Milky Way).

    The food really was excellent, and I wish I could have had more, but uh… I’m lactose intolerant, and even with pills there’s a limit to how many dairy products I can stand in one night…

  6. Hey Luke. Tempura-fried shrimp. Yum. Sounds like your friend really hooked everyone up.

    Homemade ice cream too?! Wow. He really did take care of you guys.

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