Asus introduces new E line products

With ASUS’ competition in the ultraportable market now heating up, the company has decided that the only way to combat it is to actually increase its offering in the E line.

The company has announced that it will be releasing three new products this year, these products are a desktop PC called the E-DT, the E-TV (a TV based PC) and the E-monitor — a versatile gadget that has similarities to either the Dell One and the Apple iMac.

The E-DT has a preliminary price that range from 200 to 300 dollars and will use a Celeron chip. Of course, this PC won’t have a bundled monitor to really keep the price down. The E-TV and the E-Monitor may be the more interesting devices in the E line but at present exact details and specifications about these products are still not available.

Three new E line products and I still haven’t bought my Asus EEE…

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