ASUS EEE early adopters get surprise

The ASUS EEE was officially released middle of October 2007. It became an instant hit and demand has been so tremendous that the company cannot keep up with its production of the units.

I am not really the early adopter type. I only decided to buy one a couple of weeks ago and finally got a unit a few days ago. Many people think that early adopters are very gung ho because they are always the first ones to shell out money for untested units. In most cases it really is true. But in rare cases, early adopters also get wonderful unexpected rewards for taking a chance. It has happened before with the Playstation 3 and Sony’s decision to put the actual Emotion Engine in early units. Newer units now only do software emulation of the PS2 environment, which is not as good as having the actual hardware inside the system. Now you can count the ASUS EEE, too.

It was discovered that early units of the EEE, especially those with serial numbers that start with 7A, possess an extra PCI-e connector in its innards. This means an additional level of expandability. I’m still reading what possible expansion options can be opened with an additional connector — with some saying that this could mean the possibility of putting an additional SSD in the slot, effectively increasing the hard drive space. Of course, this could mean a shorter battery life but with the imminent release of new 6 cell battery packs this could mean that power will not be as much of a problem anymore.

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  1. Now that is an interesting point – Im not an early adopter and I think that Asus is sold in Australia at the moment anyway – but I will definitely be getting one for my next backpacking adventure!

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