An iPhone Just Isn’t Enough

Last days I have been almost non-stop on the road and that in the most classical modern way : with a car. Although I certainly am no Apple fan, I have been following the iPhone buzz, just like any other nerd as much as possible. Chances that I’ll get one when they will finally hit the European market are big, but while travellling almost half of the country over the last days, I realized that an iPhone just won’t do it!

It may be a revolutionary item, but it’s still not what I need when I’m on the road.
For months now there have been rumors about a Mac Tablet and everyone who has ever been able to play with a Tablet PC surely knows how practical they can be. Practical, but still limited. So here’s what I actually need for my car. And if they were to build one, Apple would totally win me! Finally.

What I actually need is a combination of an iPhone with SatNav to start. But the iPhone alone wouldn’t allow this gizmo to become totally roadworthy, carworthy. I need more, more car specific characteristics. Today, I use my data plan on my Bluetooth enabled phone to be online as much as possible when driving. And my laptop.
But no fool, even no hardcore nerd would think of typing an email while driving, so whenever I receive an urgent email, I end up calling the sender to a. ask what the email was about and b. answer.

It’s annoying, annoying to both sender and me. I can hear the brains of certain nerds I know rattle now and I’m sure I know what they think : stick a keyboard on the steering wheel. Forget that! I want an on-screenreader and voice-to-text! Voice command and internet. Everything functioning with on-screenreader.
I’m sure that Apple is THE company to built an optimized UI for this and if they would build one of those devices, I would be one of the first ones to buy one!.

Yes, I’m high maintenance!

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