6 Essential Mac Applications For Work On The Road

I’m a serial entrepreneur who has sold more businesses than most people will have jobs. I think the average American has 8 jobs in his/her life and 2 career changes. Me I’ve had countless ‘jobs’ and I’m working on career number 5. All before I’m 28. Wow. The underlying factor is you know what I love what I do. I’m ready to hit the road again. I’ve got the foundation for a nice income setup and you know what I’m ready to work on the road again. At lot must be done to get ready to hit the road. Number one is making sure clients are happy. `Number two is getting more organized than usual. I have a tendency to not be nearly as organized when I travel for some reason. So I try to overplan and be more organized that way when it all falls apart I can have something to fall back on and that’s a solid travel routine.

1. Checkoff
Checkoff is great for me because I’m totally disorganized without it. It’s a great way to make a simple list that I will actually use. It’s like an offline Tada List.

2. Skype
What’s not to love about Skype. it’s a great way to stay in touch with my closest business allies. Without them and it I’d be lost.

3. OpenOffice
I still like to have a copy of my documents offline. And I’m not going to pay for a Microsoft product when I can use a great open source project’s work.

4. WriteRoom
I’m easily distracted and this program takes all my distractions and tosses them into a deep deep black hole.

5. Coda
I don’t do a lot of coding but when I do I need something that just works for me. And this thing get’s the job done and does way more than a simple text editor.

6. iBank
Organizing finances on the road is a hugely important thing for me to do. This program has made me happy a gazillion times over.

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